Potable water – Process water

For all gravity-feed potable water systems (SAEP), APRO Industrie supplies metallic water-towers in kit form. Easy to transport (in simple shipping containers) and quick to install (bolted together), our water towers constitute a choice solution for providing access to potable water, even in the most remote areas. Their long-term durability, their corrosion resistance and their sturdy construction make them a durable storage solution, suited to most climatic zones including the most inhospitable. Finally, the extreme standardisation of our kits, makes them a particularly attractive solution economically.
Dimensions, drawings, examples

Product advantages

  • Attractive prices
  • Quick to assemble without the need for working at heights or welding
  • Compatible with most of the main “Potable water” standards
  • The tanks can be dismantled and relocated
  • Easy to transport in standard containers