Potable water – process water

APRO Industrie supplies 30 m3 to 25,000 m3 raw water tanks in France and Internationally for public services and industry.
According to the operating constraints and the characteristics of the installation site, the APRO Industrie raw water tanks are provided in various materials:

  • Galvanised steel with a membrane liner or a mastic seal
  • Epoxy-coated steel with a mastic seal
  • Enamelled steel with a mastic seal
  • Stainless steel with a sealing membrane or a mastic seal
  • Aluminium with a sealing membrane

Storage of raw water covers numerous applications: Irrigation water tanks (agriculture) or watering (green areas, golf courses etc.), rain water collection tanks, drilling water tanks (hot, sulphurous, brackish etc.), surface water storage (water from rivers or lakes), sea water tanks  etc.
Raw water storage tanks can be supplied with all the accessories normally fitted to such type of tanks: guide bars, lift pumps, ladders, stairways, gangways, level gauges etc. They can also be covered to avoid excessive evaporation, the development of algae or the contamination of the content by external factors.

Product advantages

  • Attractive prices
  • Quick to install, without the need for working at heights or welding
  • Tanks can be dismantled and relocated
  • Easy to transport in standard containers
  • Raw water tanks can be installed on “water tower” type structures for gravity feed operation