Urban and industrial effluents

APRO Industrie can provide tanks for the treatment or storage of mineral slurries up to 25,000 m3 in France and Internationally.

Our tanks are used in the context of underground work sites (such as tunnelling), drilling and quarrying, mining or sand extraction operations. They enable in particular:

  • Storage of bentonite used for the elaboration of drilling or tunnelling slurries
  • Storage, stabilisation and treatment of drilling or tunnelling slurries after use
  • Storage of lime used to stabilise coagulation slurries
  • Storage and recycling of granulate wash water

APRO Industrie uses various materials suited to these applications:

  • Galvanised steel with a mastic seal
  • Enamelled steel with a mastic seal
  • Epoxy-coated steel with a mastic or elastomeric seal

Purchase of mineral slurry treatment and storage tanks is an economically viable alternative to rental for extended duration work sites.

Main fields of application

  • Digging tunnels
  • Land quarries
  • Drilling

A few examples of mineral slurry tanks

  • Istanbul metro (tunnel under the Bosphorus)
  • Search for United States etc.

Product advantages

  • Speed of dismantling
  • Possibility of seismic and cyclonic designs
  • Economical alternative to hiring for long duration work sites
  • Raisable and dismantlable