Urban and industrial effluents

APRO Industrie can provide 50 m3 to 25,000 m3 buffer tanks for all types of applications, and particularly for industrial or urban sewage treatment plant.
Isolated or installed upstream of sewage treatment plant, buffer tanks must accept and withstand all the most corrosive raw effluents.
This type of tank enables homogenisation of the collected effluents. Buffer tanks may be agitated, aerated and/or used to perform certain pre-treatments (pH correction, addition of ferric chloride etc.)
The nature and characterisation of the effluents as well as the risk of corrosive gaseous emissions (in particular: hydrogen disulphide, chlorinated vapours etc.) determine the choice of materials for the tanks which we supply:

  • Enamelled steel with mastic seal
  • Epoxy-coated steel with mastic or elastomeric seal
  • Stainless steel with mastic seal
  • Galvanised steel with a suitable sealing membrane

Metallic bolted buffer tanks may be equipped with all the accessories habitually fitted to such types of tank: guide bars, bottom aerators, wall feed-through hydrojets, immersed pumps, gangways, etc.
As for the tanks themselves, the materials of the couplings and covers are adapted to suit the characterisation of the effluents to be stored: epoxy-coated steel, 304 and 316 grade stainless steel, aluminium, aluzinc, PVC, etc.

Product advantages

  • More competitive prices than conventional concrete or welded tanks
  • Resistant to corrosive industrial effluents
  • Speed of assembly and modularity of the bolted system (raisable and dismantlalble)
  • Installation principle enabling installation inside buildings and in tight locations