Urban ans industrials Effluents

APRO Industrie technical solutions are available for the construction of clarifiers up to 48 metres in diameter.
A decanter separates out the clear water and collects the slurry generated by the treatment.
The conical bottom of the clarifier is made of concrete.
According to the characteristics of the effluent to be treated, APRO Industrie clarifiers are available in different materials:

  • Enamelled steel with mastic seal
  • Epoxy-coated steel with mastic or elastomeric seal

APRO Industrie decanting tanks may be fitted with all the equipment habitually installed on clarifiers: scraper bridges, bearing tracks, siphonic partitions.

Products advantages

  • Speed of installation
  • Ease of installation worldwide
  • Constant quality and easy to transport, whatever the geographic zone
  • Service life exceeding 30 years
  • The ideal solution for export sites