Urban and industrial effluents

APRO Industrie installs 50 m3 to 25,000 m3 slurry silos.
APRO solutions are adaptable to all types of slurries from the treatment of spent waters, whether their dry content is high or low and whether or not they have been subjected to prior pre-treatment (lime stabilisation for example).
In view of the potentially high fermentation of sewage plant slurries, the probability of the presence of hydrogen disulphide is always relatively high in slurry silos. The coatings must therefore be adapted to suit, and are generally:

  • Enamelled steel with a mastic seal
  • Epoxy-coated steel with a mastic or elastomeric seal

Our slurry silos may be fitted with all the accessories which are generally installed in this type of tank: slurry agitators, pumps, guide bars, strainers, covers, odour treatment etc.
The storage of mineral slurries demands significantly different characteristics than for sewage treatment plant. For mineral slurries, refer to our page on “Mines and quarries”.

Product advantages

  • Tanks insensitive to UV and to corrosion
  • 50 year old tanks are still in operation
  • Perfect integration in the environment
  • Raisable and dismantlable
  • Possibility of fitting a cover over the slurry silo for the installation of odour treatment