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Through our technological partnerships, APRO Industrie currently provides its customers with a total of over 70 years cumulative experience in the construction of methanisation units. APRO Industrie can also look back over 30 years since its first metallic anaerobic digester installations.
Thanks to the flexibility of its design and its robust structure, the bolted metallic solution is perfectly suited to most of the existing methanisation processes. It particularly covers a very wide range of dimensions:
•    Diameters up to 45m
•    Heights up to 30m
•    Diameter to height ratios greater than 0.3
APRO Industrie is thus able to supply all the constituent tanks for a methanisation plant:
•    Hydrolysis tanks
•    Anaerobic digesters up to 20,000 m3 (the largest digester built so far = 15,000 m3
•    Post-digesters
•    Hygienisation tanks
•    Digestate storage up to 25,000 m3
•    Slurry silos
•    Degassing towers
The bolted metallic solution is compatible with rigid conical roofing as well as with flexible covers (single or double membranes).
Finally, our tanks may be fitted with various types of equipment required for methanisation: three-phase, agitation systems by injection of biogas, all types of mechanical stirrers including pendulars, heating systems, etc.
APRO Industrie solutions are suitable for both industrial applications (processing, pharmaceuticals, paper industry, etc.) and for public service applications (sewage treatment slurries or liquid phase methanisation in the treatment of household waste in particular).
The diversity of materials and coatings [link to solutions] available through the APRO Industrie range provides a guarantee of a solution which is perfectly suited to the characteristics of the effluent and the gaseous atmosphere (temperature, chloride content, H2S content etc.)
For methanisation units, APRO Industrie is able to provide a truly turnkey solution, which includes the civil engineering work as well as the insulation and cladding, or the metalwork (stairways, gangways, etc.)

A few examples of APRO Industrie digesters


Products advantages

  • Experience of anaerobic digesters up to 15,000 m3 (digester)
  • Storage of digestates up to 25 000 m3
  • Experience of digesters in AWWA 4 or Eurocode 5 seismic zones
  • Experience of cyclonic zones
  • Designs for three-phase pendular agitators, all equipment
  • Turnkey solutions including metalwork and civil engineering
  • Speed of installation
  • Service life in excess of 30 years
  • Maintenance-free