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APRO Industrie supplies and installs aluminium geodetic domes to cover tanks up to 120 m in diameter.

Fields of application

Our aluminium geodetic domes are self-supporting covers consisting of triangular panels bolted together over a matrix of aluminium joists.
Our aluminium domes can be designed to meet standard API 650 for Oil & Gas applications or standards AWWA or Eurocode for water storage or treatment applications.
This cover solution is suitable for potable water, hydrocarbons, and is compatible with moderately corrosive to corrosive atmospheres.
It is particularly useful for large diameters (over 22 m) and can be employed to cover very large diameter tanks (the largest diameter covered to date: 120 m).
The geodetic dome is compatible with an internal pressure of up to 50 mbar (test pressure – according to the diameter)
Our aluminium domes may also be used to establish large capacity mineral depots


  • Qatargas
  • Trinidad

Product advantages

  • Service life of over 50 years
  • Intrinsically corrosion resistant
  • Rapid installation (32 m diameter: under two weeks)
  • Light robust structures,
  • Design for loads up to 1,400 kg/m²
  • Wind speeds up to 240 km/h
  • Maintenance-free