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Fire Protection Tanks

APRO Industrie designs, manufactures and installs fire-fighting tanks up to 25,000 m3 in France and Internationally.
Fire protection is a key challenge for classified installations, especially so-called “special risk” classified installations. industrial chemical and petrochemical sites, SEVESO classified sites, electric power stations, etc. It is in that context and thanks to our experience in sensitive sites, that we at APRO Industrie are able to provide fire protection tanks.
APRO industry storage solutions allow the construction of seamless (absence of flame) storage tanks or work at height (more information: “Installation”).
APRO industry teams are also certified (in particular N1, N2, MASE) and work with a permanent concern of compliance with more stringent safety rules. Our sub-contractors are also subject to periodic evaluations (see our “Health and Safety” page) which guarantee the same level of service.


APRO Industrie fire protection tanks consist of sheets prepared in our factory and bolted together on site. The metallic walls and hardware are made of galvanised steel. Other materials are also available (aluminium, stainless steel, enamelled steel or epoxy-coated steel). Fire protection tanks are installed above ground and are anchored to a concrete slab which provides the mechanical seating for the tank.
Sealing of the bolted metallic tank is provided by a reinforced PVC liner which is prefabricated in our factory to the dimensions of the tank. This membrane also forms the bottom of the tank and is laid over a perforation-proof protection felt spread over the concrete base. Sealing may also be achieved by a mastic seal.
The water contained in the fire protection tank is preserved from daylight, which in particular avoids the development of algae through photosynthesis, and contamination of the water by debris and miscellaneous waste.
APRO Industrie storage solutions constitute an economical and reliable alternative to welded tanks. In addition to the safety related advantages mentioned above, their implementation particularly provides a considerable time-saving on site, through the prefabrication of the tanks and their delivery in the form of ready-to-assemble kits.
Our fire-fighting tanks are supplied with all the accessories required by the regulations, and numerous options are also available: polyester external paint, extruded sections for mounting of cladding or thermal insulation, level switches, heating wand automation etc.
Our special hazard tanks has thus been providing optimum, reliable and lasting protection at numerous classified installations.

Products advantages

  • 28 years experience
  • Recognised know-how
  • High quality products meeting the most demanding standards
  • Experienced and certified installation teams
  • International operating capability