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APRO Industrie designs, manufactures and installs tanks for the storage of hydrocarbons, up to 10,000 m3 capacity (~ 65 000 bbl). APRO Industrie can in particular supply tanks which meet oil standard API 12B.

Fields of application

The hydrocarbon tanks designed and installed by APRO Industrie may be employed for the storage of:

  • Crude oil,
  • Heavy and domestic fuel oil (HFO)
  • Kerosene (JET), diesel (GO), Paraffins and other hydrocarbons for domestic burners

APRO Industrie does not provide storage for standard or high grade petrol



Réservoir_hydrocarbure, assemblage

The APRO Industrie hydrocarbon tanks are produced in accordance with standard API 12B with a single or double shell. The tanks are bolted together and consist of epoxy-coated steel sheets. Sealing between the sheets is ensured by elastomeric seals (Nitrile, Viton, Epichlorhydrine etc.)
The covers for our hydrocarbon tanks are of two types:

  • 1:12 conical roof, self-supporting or supported on a central pillar
  • Self-supporting aluminium geodetic dome type roof, enabling spans of over 120 m, complying with standard API 650.

Our hydrocarbon tanks are equipped with a metallic floor, which may be flat, conical or inverted conical.



APRO industrie also supplies flexible tanks for the storage of fuels intended for vehicles (military, bases de vie) or power generator units. These solutions, which meet military standards, are particularly suitable for temporary sites.
They may additionally be mounted on vehicles and play the role of tanker lorries.

Main applications

  • Hydrocarbon depots (Diesel, kerosene etc.)
  • Oil-fired power stations
  • Bases de vie and military bases
  • Tanks for the treatment of hydrocarbon effluents
  • Crude oil storage on oil fields
  • Fuelling of power generator units for all types of industrial customers

Product advantages

  • Tanks designed and manufactured in accordance with the principles of standard API 12B
  • Service life exceeding 30 years
  • No welding during construction
  • Built-in scaffolding
  • Installation in record time
  • “Zero maintenance” tanks