Fire Protection

Specialists in fire-fighting tanks, APRO Industrie designs, manufactures and installs bolted fire-fighting tanks up to 5,000 m3 capacity.
Upgrading of sites to current standards, new town planning and construction projects are all domains which require appropriate fire protection. The APRO Industrie bolted fire-fighting tanks represent an attractive alternative to the extension or construction of a fire-extinguishing network if the latter is either undersized or inexistent.

APRO Industrie fire-fighting tanks

The APRO Industrie bolted fire-fighting tanks are constructed from sheets prepared in our factory and bolted together on site. The metallic shell and the hardware are galvanised steel. Other materials are also available (aluminium, stainless steel, enamelled steel or epoxy-coated steel). Sprinkler tanks are installed above ground anchored to a concrete slab which provides the mechanical seating for the structure.
The sealing of the fire-fighting tank is provided by a reinforced PVC liner prefabricated in our factory to the dimensions of the tank. This membrane also forms the bottom of the tank and is laid over a perforation-proof protection felt spread over the concrete base. On request, sealing may also be achieved by a mastic seal.
A self-supporting cover protects the water contained in the fire-fighting tank and preserves it from daylight (in order to avoid photosynthesis and the development of algae) and external factors.
The APRO Industrie fire-fighting tank cover generally consists of cladding type sheets mounted on a galvanised steel structure. Other types of covers can be considered on request.
APRO Industrie fire-fighting tanks ensure a low footprint and constitute a very advantageous alternative to ponds, in particular when space is at a premium. Metallic tanks additionally ensure a much better quality of water than is possible from a pond. Compared with a concrete solution, the metallic solution provides many advantages: no cracking, perfect sealing, rapid installation, immediate water filling, more competitive price per m3 stored etc.
Our fire-fighting tanks are supplied with all the accessories required by the regulations, and numerous options are also available: polyester external paint, extruded sections for mounting of cladding or thermal insulation, level switches, heating wand automation etc.
Our fire-fighting solutions ensure optimum, reliable and lasting protection for numerous public service and industrial sites.

Advantages of APRO

  • 28 years experience
  • Recognised know-how
  • High quality products meeting the most demanding standards
  • Experienced and certified installation teams
  • International operating capability