Fire Protection

Specialists in fire-fighting tanks, APRO Industrie can provide 30 to 120 m3 welded fire-fighting tanks.

APRO INDUSTRIE welded fire-fighting tanks

APRO Industrie welded fire-fighting tanks are made of a single wall of S235JR steel (6 mm thick). A 300 µm thick external coat of polyurethane, tested at 2 500V, ensures the anti-corrosion protection of the tank. In order to avoid the risk of internal corrosion, our tanks are protected internally with a bituminous varnish (non alimentary) intended for the storage of clear and non corrosive water. All our tanks comply with standard NF E86-410.
Welded fire-fighting tanks may be installed either buried or above ground.
Their standard equipment consists of:
– A Ø600 /720 mm manhole
– Suction through a strainer and its symmetrical Ø100 mm hydrant coupling
– Ø75 mm vent
– Ø100mm filler coupling.
Lifting eyes, welded to the top of the tank, facilitate lifting and handling of the equipment using a crane.
Many options are available for welded fire-fighting tanks: slab frame, inspection covers, additional manhole, epoxy internal coating, automatic filling, monofilament straps, interior ladder etc.
APRO Industrie welded tanks represent an advantageous alternative to pond storage (price, overall dimensions, protection against photosynthesis and the development of algae, absence of evaporation, preservation of the quality of the stored water etc.).
On request, we can also provide other types of welded tanks for storage of potable water, rain water collection or for collection of fire-fighting water after fires. Do not hesitate to enquire with us for any other applications.

A few examples of welded fire-fighting tanks

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Product advantages

  • Discrete buried storage
  • Immediate water filling
  • Guaranteed water volume
  • No development of bacteria
  • Space saving