Fire Protection

If you are looking for economical, easy to install and reliable fire protection, the APRO Industrie 30 to 1 500 m3 flexible storage tanks are the appropriate solution.

APRO Industrie flexible storage tanks

APRO Industrie flexible storage tanks are made of anti-UV treated reinforced PVC. The tanks are manufactured using high frequency welds, with protection in the corners. Our tanks are CSTBAT approved and have been validated by the SDIS. They are CNPP recommended since 2010 and are guaranteed for up to 10 years.
A polyester armature (minimum 1,300 g/m²) ensures the high mechanical strength of the flexible tank. The application of several successive coats of PVC ensures the sealing of the fire-fighting water tank.
Supplied on a pallet, our tanks are laid on the ground and are quickly unfolded. The tanks are equipped as standard with a central vent, an overflow valve and an angled filling coupling.
Suction may be applied above ground (100 mm nom. dia. lateral “fire hydrant” coupling with its valve and thermal protection cap), or freeze-proof (suction coupling from the bottom for connection to a buried pipe).
Other accessories and options are available on request (suction hydrant, protection felt, level indicator, inspection flap, fencing, gate, excavation etc.).
APRO Industrie can install your flexible tanks turnkey, or assist you for their installation as you require.
APRO Industrie flexible tanks represent an advantageous alternative to pond storage. Cheap to buy, movable and easy to integrate in the environment, flexible tanks fully protect the water which they contain, which remains clean, preserved from daylight and from contamination with debris.
APRO Industrie also provides other types of flexible tanks (polyurethane, treatment by coating, etc.) for more demanding applications: potable water, rain water, effluents, STEP slurries, biodigestates, lixiviates, hydrocarbons, etc.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any specific requirements.

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Apro advantages

  • Competitive prices
  • Discrete storage
  • No civil engineering
  • No planning permission
  • Guaranteed volume of water
  • No development of bacteria