Fire Protection

For over 28 years, APRO Industrie has been designing, manufacturing and installing up to 5,000 m3 capacity sprinkler tanks for sprinkler system installers and more generally for companies specialising in automatic fire protection systems both in France and internationally.
Fire protection constitutes one of the major challenges in the prevention of accidents, particularly for the protection of production facilities, commercial centres, public locations and when human lives are at stake.
APRO Industrie tanks are in widespread use in the field of fire protection: sprinkler tanks, fire-fighting and special hazard tanks, fire hydrant networks, glycol tanks.

APRO Industrie sprinkler tanks

Sprinkler tanks (source A and source B) consist of sheets prepared in our factory and bolted together on site. The metallic walls and hardware are galvanised steel. Other materials are also available (aluminium, stainless steel, enamelled steel or epoxy-coated steel). Sprinkler tanks are installed above ground and anchored to a concrete slab which provides the mechanical seating for the tank.
Sealing of the sprinkler tank is by a reinforced PVC liner prefabricated in our factory to the dimensions of the tank. This membrane also forms the bottom of the sprinkler tank and is laid on an anti-perforation felt protection laid over the concrete base. If requested, sealing may also be achieved by a mastic sealant.
The flat, slightly inclined cover, consists of “cladding” type extruded sections made of aluzinc, riveted to a galvanised steel structure. It shields the water from daylight and external factors (large debris, animals etc.). Other types of covers may also be considered.
APRO Industrie sprinkler tanks may be designed in accordance with most of the existing standards, such as: APSAD, NF EN12845, UL, FM, NFPA, LPCB, CEPREVEN, etc.
They are supplied with all necessary accessories required by the regulations, and numerous options are also available: polyester external paint, extruded sections for mounting of cladding or thermal insulation, level switches, heating wand automation etc.


Advantages of APRO

  • 28 years experience
  • Recognised know-how
  • High quality products meeting the most demanding standards
  • Experienced and certified installation teams
  • International operating capability