The APRO Industrie bolted metallic tanks are characterised by their total standardisation, optimum modularity and inspected prefabrication of all their constituent parts. These characteristics provide APRO Industrie products with unequalled quality of coatings, considerable transportability and speed of assembly, all at a very reasonable cost.

The extent of our range of coatings and our accrued experience are your guarantee for obtaining sound advice and the most suitable solutions for liquid storage.

The principle

Bolted metallic tanks are built-up from standard parts, which are prefabricated and coated in the factory.
According to the type of application, a whole range of coatings is available:

The parts are transported by road or by maritime container, assembly is by simply bolting together on site, using lifting jacks, cherry pickers or scaffolding.


The principle of coatings applied in the factory, under a controlled atmosphere, and with strict quality monitoring (sampling tests and systematic tests) ensures a constant quality of coating, which is far greater than that achievable by the application of coatings in situ.
As each coating has its own specific behaviour, APRO Industrie is always able to suggest the most suitable solution for the storage problem concerned.
The modularity of the parts enables optimisation of transport costs: for example a 1,000 m3 tank merely requires a single 40-foot container.
Construction by bolting together is both simple and quick to achieve:

  • Reduced intervention time on site
  • The personnel required are limited in number
  • Work is performed at ground level – thus avoiding working at heights
  • Work is performed without the use of flames or cumbersome site plant.

Supplementary technical information

Refer to the [Assembly] and [Sealing] pages for further details on the implementation of our solutions.