Health and Safety

At APRO Industrie we believe that our customers’ requirements with respect to Quality, Safety and the Environment represent a true challenge for the competitivity and development of our company. APRO Industrie has therefore chosen to place QHSE at the heart of its development strategy.

QHSE approach

With a concern first and foremost to avoid site accidents, APRO Industrie long ago established a prevention system based on a systematic risk analysis prior to each operation, training suited to the risks of our activity and the feedback of information from the field.
Health and safety of personnel, protection of the environment and the safety of installations remain the priorities for each of our operations, and we are developing professional risk prevention at all levels of our organisation, by demanding that all our sub-contractors adopt the same level of requirements as those which we apply internally.
Our QHSE policies and the commitment of our Management are evidence of our desire for continuous improvement.

Our 10 golden rules

  1. Elaboration of an operating procedure and a risk analysis before each construction site
  2. Training suited to the various risks applicable to our activity
  3. Inspection of all equipment and tooling before each operation
  4. Wearing of appropriate personal protection equipment for the tasks to be performed
  5. Compliance with working gestures and postures in order to reduce physical effort
  6. When working at heights, priority to collective protection equipment and use of safety harnesses
  7. When working in confined spaces, continuous atmospheric monitoring and work under constant supervision
  8. No co-activity working, or if that is impossible, coordination of operations
  9. In the event of a dangerous situation, report to supervision then correct the situation
  10. Compliance with the highway code and general traffic rules on the site

“Zero accidents” is our permanent objective, and APRO Industrie is currently committed to a MASE/UIC certification approach in order to go even further.