Galvanised steel tanks

Through its galvanised steel tanks, APRO Industrie has for some 28 years provided an economical, reliable and strong product for the storage of liquids. The good corrosion resistance of galvanised steel in moderately corrosive environments, together with its low cost, makes it one of the most widespread materials for construction steels.

Galvanised steel in brief

Hot galvanising is an industrial process which consists in immersing steel parts in a bath of molten zinc at 450°C.
The zinc coating is metallurgically bonded to the steel. It protects the latter by establishing a physical barrier which also acts as a cathodic protection.
Galvanised steel is an economical product which requires little maintenance and which provides excellent mechanical resistance to impacts and abrasion.
Application of a polyester paint, onto galvanised steel, if required, can be used for a customised appearance, which also provides a slight improvement in the service life of the material.
According to the type of use and the corrosive nature of the environment, the qualities of the steel used and the thickness of the zinc coating may vary.
The galvanised steels used as standard by APRO Industrie comply with standard ISO EN 10346 (continuous galvanising, treatment prior to machining).
APRO Industrie additionally provides a range of tanks made from Magnelis ZM310. For the elaboration of Magnelis, the steels are immersed in a Zinc bath enriched with Magnesium and Aluminium. The alloy which forms on the surface of the steel provides it with a corrosion resistance – including in class C5-m environments (maritime zones) – far greater than that achievable with conventional galvanised steels.
According to the liquids stored and their corrosive nature, galvanised steel or Magnelis ZM310 tanks may be sealed:

Main fields of application

A few galvanised steel achievements

  • 5,000 m3 fire protection tank– Orly Airport (Essonne) kerosene depot
  • 4,000 m3 pumping tank–Damazan industrial site (Lot et Garonne)
  • 6 x 1,000 m3 mineral slurry treatment tanks – excavation for construction of the Istanbul metro under the Bosphorus Straits (Turkey)
  • Demineralised water storage on an existing and restricted site – renovation of a thermal power station – United Kingdom
  • Demineralised water storage – 500 m3 and 250 m3 submarine base (Indian Ocean)
  • Storage of hazardous industrial effluents –  750 m3 & 2 x 640 m3 – hazardous waste treatment plant (Yvelines)

The advantages of galvanised steel

  • Low capital investment
  • Good corrosion resistance to moderalitely atmospheres
  • Durability (up to 30 years)
  • Reduced maintenance