Aluminium tanks

For 28 years, APRO Industrie has been supplying aluminium tanks and tank covers for industry and public services worldwide.

An aesthetic solution which combines light weight and strength

An outstanding lightweight metal (density of 2.7 g/cm3, one third that of steel), aluminium is principally used in the form of alloys whose properties are improved: mechanical strength and corrosion resistance, particularly in marine environments.

Production of aluminium

Starting with mineral bauxite (which contains 30 to 55% alumina) hot washed in sodium hydroxide, then roasted at high temperature, gives a fine white powder: alumina. The alumina is then converted by an industrial process (Bayer process) to produce aluminium.
By alloying aluminium with various materials, its properties can be adapted to its different types of use.

The qualities of our aluminium

Our tanks are in particular manufactured from aluminium alloys 6082-T4 and 5083-H22. These marine grade alloys are passivated and enriched with manganese, silicon, magnesium and titanium, which provides them with enhanced mechanical strength as well as exceptional corrosion resistance (particularly in marine environments or in the presence of industrial chemicals).

Main fields of application

Aluminium for the storage of most liquids in marine or corrosive atmospheres. Its mechanical strength, which is less than that of steel, limits tank capacity to 1,500 m3.
Its light weight makes it particularly suitable for roofing including for very large spans (several hundred metres).

Our achievements in aluminium

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Product Advantages

  • Lightness of the material
  • Resistance to chlorides
  • Resistance to atmospheric corrosion
  • Exceptional service life