Artois methanization project

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APRO Industrie supplied and built – on behalf of SEDE Environment and in partnership with Veolia environment – all the tanks of the “Artois Methanization” biogas plant in Graincourt-les-Havrincourt, north of France.

The biogas plant has been operating since April 4th, 2012.

As part of this project, APRO Industry erected and isolated one 1300 m3 hydrolysis tank, one 4350 m3 anaerobic digester, and one 1200 m3 post digester including a double membrane gas holder.

The entire unit was built with glass-fused-to-steel.

It annually processes 32 000 tons of waste and produces electricity (8 000MHh per year) and stabilized digestate (7 000 tons) used in organic soil.

More information : Site OTV Artois Méthanisation

Projet :

    9000 sqm
  • 32 000 tons of waste processed annually
  • Annual production if 7 000 tons of balanced ans stabilized digestate used in organic soils
  • Emission of 2 000 CO2 equivalent tons, avoided
  • 3.5 million cubis meter of biogas produced annually
  • Power for the equivalent of 2 700 homes (8 000 MWh per year)
  • 8 million euro investment