For over 30 years, APRO Industrie has been designing, manufacturing and installing metallic tanks and tanks worldwide, of up to 25,000 m³ capacity. Whether they are intended for storage, processing or treatment, APRO Industrie provides its customers with the widest range available of turnkey solutions for all types of liquids: fire-fighting water, potable water, process water, urban and industrial effluents, hydrocarbons, slurries, leachates, chemicals etc.

Company History

As early as its establishment in 1987, APRO Industrie pioneered the introduction of bolted metallic tank storage solutions in France.
The company initially specialised in fire protection in which it rapidly achieved pole position in France, establishing the new standard of galvanised steel tanks with a liner insert for all fire protection applications.
APRO Industrie then very quickly followed the path of diversification.
In 1994, it extended its range of solutions by introducing enamelled steel with sealants into the French landscape and supplementing its galvanised steel tanks with more advanced liners suitable for storage of potable water or demineralised water for example.
This early turning point enabled APRO Industrie to develop innovative solutions to the problems facing industry and public services.
Although the public services were reticent to modify their approach to storage, industry – on the other hand – immediately saw the benefits for them: time saving, reduced investment and maintenance costs, enhanced compatibility with often corrosive liquids, durability etc.
As with fire protection a few years earlier, bolted metallic solutions became the norm for many industrial users and have gradually supplanted welded metallic and concrete-based solutions.
The diversification initiated in 1994 has continued ever since: introduction of solutions using epoxy combined with sealants, diversification of the sealants used, introduction of new more specific liners, the introduction of systems with sealing by elastomeric seals, flexible tanks, buried welded tanks etc.

Experience and know how

This diversification developed hand in hand with the professionalization of our teams and the constant improvement of the quality of our products.  We now possess a technical capability which enables us to design and size storage solutions suitable for the most diverse and complex environments, and which comply with the majority of the current construction codes (EUROCODE, AWWA, UBC, API etc.).
Our teams work in accordance with the highest possible quality and safety standards.
Our coatings are applied using strict procedures and our quality tests are the most stringent in the industry, whether for sampling tests during manufacture, systematic tests on all the items leaving the factory, or final acceptance tests during installation on site.
After over 30 years and more than 15,000 projects completed in over fifty nations worldwide, APRO Industrie is now able to provide its customers with its extensive know-how and experience in the storage of liquids.
Our tanks are currently in use – to the greatest satisfaction of our customers for the storage of chemicals, heavy fuels maintained at high temperature (95°C), hot water, corrosive industrial effluents, demineralised water, brine, slurries, molasses etc. as well as raw water, potable water, crude oil, diesel fuel, kerosene etc.

  • 30 years of experience
  • 30 employees in France
  • Over 15,000 tanks installed
  • 15 million Euros turnover

Key Figures

  • 30 years of experience
  • 30 employees in France
  • Over 12,000 projects completed
  • Over 15,000 tanks installed
  • 10 to 25,000 m³ of storage capacity