In order to repair your tanks, or to adapt them to changing needs (increased capacity, upgrading to new standards, confinement, addition of equipment etc.) or simply to extend the service life of your tanks, APRO Industrie can provide numerous maintenance services, for the renovation or modification of tanks:

  • Repair or replacement of a sealing membrane (liner)
  • Repair or replacement of sheets damaged by collision with a vehicle
  • Addition, repair or replacement of covers
  • Raising of tanks
  • Dismantling – reassembly of tanks (for relocation, for example)
  • Installation of a sealing membrane on concrete structures, sheet metal tanks and tanks sealed with a mastic seal
  • Installation of insulation or cladding
  • Supply and installation of accessories, metalwork and equipment

For any maintenance or servicing problems associated with your tanks, do not hesitate to consult us or to ask for a quotation!