On the basis of its 28 years experience, APRO Industrie makes its specialist teams available to undertake the inspection and maintenance of all your tanks.
APRO Industrie thus undertakes three-yearly inspections of your fire-fighting tanks and the maintenance of all your storage or treatment tanks, whether they be metallic (bolted or welded) or concrete (above ground as well as buried).

Fire protection tanks

APRO Industrie performs three-yearly inspections of fire protection tanks in accordance with the regulations (art. 18-7-2 APSAD R1 Ed.04.2002.0), and proposes two types of operation: with and without emptying.


In order to limit costs and to preserve resources, companies are ever more concerned by the problem of saving water.
In response to that concern, at APRO Industrie, we have chosen to invest in a SIRENE robotised underwater inspection and maintenance system.
This light and manoeuvrable submarine robot, is able to inspect and clean your fire protection tanks whilst they are full, thus avoiding the unnecessary and costly emptying of their content.
The use of our SIRENE enables you to determine the condition of the internal pipes and equipment as well as the level of slurry inside the tank without emptying. You can thus anticipate any maintenance work necessary to extend the service life of your installation.
If necessary, SIRENE can undertake any cleaning operations inside your tank, again without the need to empty it.
This operating procedure provides numerous advantages:

  • It is ecological (it avoids the discharge of hundreds of cubic metres of clean water).
  • It is economical (protects your water bill and thus results in up to 50% saving compared with a conventional operation)
  • It provides optimum safety
    • No personnel need enter the tank
    • 90% of the work is performed from ground level
    • The down time of the network is limited
    • These services are approved under rule R1 of the CNPP (amendment dated 15th June 2012)
  • It is simple to mobilise (no need to programme emptying and refilling)

All the operations using SIRENE result in the issue of a complete photo and video report for our customers.
For further information on SIRENE, which can also be used in clear water tanks employed for purposes other than fire protection, do not hesitate to consult our dedicated site: link to the SIRENE mini-site.


This is the conventional operating mode for inspection and cleaning.
During their intervention, our teams perform a visual inspection of the general condition of the tank. If necessary, they undertake the cleaning of the bottom of the tank.
On completion of their intervention, an intervention report is issued giving the details of the observations made concerning the tank.
This type of intervention is conducted in accordance with a precise operating procedure, defined – in accordance with our QHSE policy – in order to work in total safety.

Other tanks (Potable water, Industrial, treatment of municipal and industrial effluents)

APRO Industrie can also undertake inspection operations on tanks and tanks used in municipal storage (Potable water and spent water) and industrial applications (clear water, process liquids and treatment of effluents).
Use of SIRENE on this type of tank is possible for all tanks containing clear water.
For all other tanks, two types of inspection are possible:

  • Simple visual inspection from the ground in order to establish the internal condition of the tank (in particular the seal lines or the sealing liner and couplings)
  • Detailed inspection including electrical tests of the entire shell using scaffolding: this test is intended in particular to check the condition of the coatings in the case of metallic tanks made of coated steel (epoxy or enamelled)

On completion of our inspection, a report is issued with our comments and any maintenance work required in order to extend the service life of your installation.