A new methanisation unit has been added to the SEM Liger pilot site at Locminé, Brittany

Since it was set up in 2011, SEM Liger (a mixed economy organisation for the town of Locminé and its associated territory) has been working to create an energy centre which is unique in Europe.

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After the commissioning of a heating network and 1.5 MW wood-burning boiler in 2012, in 2016 the Liger centre diversified with the opening of a methanisation unit which will produce four million tonnes of biogas each year. This biogas will be used for combined heat and power generation (1.5 MW of electricity and 1.7 MW of heat) and will supply energy to industry in the region and to public facilities.

The construction of all the tank facilities for this ground-breaking project was awarded to Apro Industrie, who also supplied all the insulation and metal structures (platforms and stairways etc.) as well as installing five-tonne top-entry stirrers.

The two anaerobic digesters, the post-digester and the various mixing tanks represent a total working volume of 14.5 million litres, with the entire construction taking place over just seven months.


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