Potable water – Process Water

APRO Industrie supplies 30 m3 to 25,000 m3 potable water tanks in France and Internationally.
According to the operating constraints and the characteristics of the installation site, the APRO Industrie potable water tanks are provided in various materials:
•    Galvanised steel with a membrane liner
•    Epoxy-coated steel with a mastic seal
•    Enamelled steel with a mastic seal
•    Stainless steel with a sealing membrane or a mastic seal
•    Aluminium with a sealing membrane

All the materials used in the manufacture of our tanks are certified for alimentary use. APRO Industrie is thus able to adapt to national regulations by supplying products approved by ACS (France), NSF (International), KTW (Germany), EPA (United States) or WRAS (United-Kingdom).
The ease of transport of APRO Industrie tanks, their speed of installation and the capability of our design teams for satisfying the most demanding site conditions (seismicity up to AWWA 4, cyclonic winds, heavy snow loads etc.) make this solution particularly suited to remote or difficult access areas: island regions, mountainous or desert zones, conflict theatres, zones involved in natural disasters etc.
For its potable water tanks, APRO Industrie can supply a specific range of aluminium covers, which are waterproof and corrosion proof, in order to prevent excessive evaporation, the development of algae or the contamination of the content by external factors.
Our potable water tanks may be installed on metallic towers (up to 25 m high), for gravity feed potable water supplies (for further information, see our page on “Water towers”).
When they are exposed to extreme temperature conditions, our tanks can be insulated internally (rigid insulation) or externally (Rockwool + cladding).

A few exemples of potable water tank


Les + Produits

  • Attractive prices
  • Quick installation, without the need for working at heights or welding
  • Compatible with the main “Potable water” standards
  • The tanks can be dismantled and relocated
  • Easy to transport in standard containers
  • The potable water tanks can be installed on “water tower” type structures for gravity feed supplies