Expertise and certifications

Together with its partners, APRO Industrie can boast some 150 years experience built-up in the manufacture and construction of metallic tanks for the storage of all types of liquids.
With their help, APRO Industrie can today design and manufacture tanks which satisfy the requirements of the majority of construction codes and sizing rules.
Our engineering capabilities enable full consideration of the parameters associated with:

  • – seismicity (in accordance with AWWA, Eurocode or even FM)
  • – wind pressure (cyclonic winds, shock waves due to explosions etc.)
  • – various operating loads (weight of snow or installation of heavy electromechanical equipment, for example)
  • – positive or negative pressure on the tanks (up to a few tens of millibars)

APRO Industrie tanks in particular satisfy the requirements of the following standards:

  • FM (distributor of approved products)
  • AWWA
  • LPCB
  • API 12B
  • ISO EN 28765:2011
  • ISO EN 12944

In 2015, APRO Industrie was granted MASE certification for a period of three years
Finally, all our teams are N1 and N2 certified.